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Detoxing my body before I start a whole new lifestyle?

. asked: My phone has an app that gives me a number of different diets. One of them is a 3 day detox, it’s eating about 900 calories a day for 3 days. Is this safe to do before I start my new lifestyle of retraining myself to eat properly? I’d really like to flush my system and start over …Read more »

How to improve in martial arts?

Yaqub H asked: I, personally play Capoeira but all martial arts need speed, power, balance, etc. I’m just looking for general tips that could help me? I’ve been playing for only a month and it’s Summer now and my sole aim is to improve in these two months. Does the gym really help? I’ve heard it’s unecessary if you do …Read more »

What is the best way to explain a year absence from employment?

Showstoppa asked: I have decided it’s time to go back to work and I have an interview scheduled with a very beefy resumé to back me up. However, I have been on a close to 1 year sabbatical spending time with family and living life for a while. What is the best way to explain this if asked in an …Read more »

after 2 years in community college would an ivy league school look at my SATs and highschool GPA still?

green asked: gpa in Highschool was 81.3 or something close to that and SAT was 1070. i hope they would only look at the grades after Highschool but will an ivy league school want to c it, and if they did and my college grades were great would they even care bout the highschool stuff? i’v herd both ways. Community …Read more »

Why is it significant to the USA that China has 1 trillion in bond investments in the USA?

bradwelljackson asked: Why is it significant to the USA that China has 1 trillion in bond investments in the USA? I don’t actually know what the exact economic terms are (bonds?), since I don’t know much about economics. So then, if you can explain using layman’s terms, I would greatly appreciate it. I just want to understand what’s going on …Read more »

What is the bid deal about typing in caps?

kaitlinsmommy39 asked: I just read someones answer to another question and he was rude and said she had the “IQ of a 2yr old” because she typed in all caps. My first point is…. you just typed “2yr old” instead of two year old-thats the cat calling the kettle black if you ask me Second… Your TYPING not SPEAKING… I’ve …Read more »

What do you think of the way media professionals use social media?

Aboutime asked: I’m not addicted to social media but I do find sites like Twitter and Facebook fascinating. It’s like they transform people into attention-seeking addicts. Take Twitter for example. I used to love that site because of it’s simplicity and cause it allowed me to read on topics that interest me. As a young journalist, I understand social media …Read more »

whats the basic minimum cost of living for an Indian family planning to move to Bahrain?

Munish M asked: Am planning to move from Delhi to Bahrain with family. Am being offered USD 4000, plus car. What is the minimum saving i will be able to make. Also is it a good decision to live in Bahrain from a daily perspective. Family Living

what is the latest news on Obama wanting to ban guns?

asked: Has there been any new news about Obama and how he wants to ban all semi-automatic guns or hand guns ? Just want to keep up to see if I should be stockpiling yet =) Latest News

GF has health prob, seeking advice?

Mark M asked: My girlfriend has some health prob that her doctor is trying to figure out. She will pass out alot. Sometimes daily, sometimes more then 1 time daily. We do not know what is wrong with her, but all we know is that she passes out w/o feeeling anything, and comes too, scared, dizzy, and tired. Sometimes it …Read more »


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