Are there hobbies that involve making things?

warrior58_06 asked:

I have been look around this God forsaken internet for hobbies that involve making stuff. Alot of them are mediocore stuff that a child would do. Does anyone know of any hobbies that are really kool to do? I like art stuff. I also want a hobby that is unusual and not a lot of people do it. I dont what a hobby like making jewelry.


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    I make a lot of things out of beads. I make jewelry, but not as much. It is really fun to make things out of beads… you can make just about anything out of them. Try adding beads to one of your clothing items, like the straps to a tank top, or a belt.

    There are also other things like painting… you can paint ceramics, or get some medium sized poster board, fold it in half, put paint on one side(do not use a brush) just splatter it on the one side… many colors! then push it together and peel it apart… when it drys it looks really cool!

    You could try drawing! use charcoal pencils…close your eyes and shee where you mind takes you. It is really fun and it calms nerves really well!

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    Well I play a game called Warhammer. There are two versions of it, Warhammer 40,000, and plain ol’ Warhammer. Warhammer is Fantasy battles and Warhammer 40,000 is sci-fi. The big part of the hobby isnt just playing the game though, you have to buy model kits of your troops, assemble them and paint them. Many advanced players tend to “convert” there miniatures, which just means they change them up from their original versions. Some add parts from other figures, some use epoxy putty to sculpt something completely new. I’ll put a link to the games official site in my source list for you to check out some of the work people do. Alot of it is really amazing to me, hard to believe someone could paint so much detail on such a small figure.

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    Yes, there are hobbies that involve making things. First you figure out what it is you want to make, then you will find it easier to search for more grown-up projects. One way to choose, is by thinking about what kinds of things you like, and then deciding to learn how to make one of those things. For instance, I love quilts, so that is why I decided to learn how to do quilting. Now I know that’s not what you want to do, but the same principle applies – something you like, enough to want to learn how to make.

    As for suggestions, how about making cat trees? I only know one person who has made one, so that’s pretty unusual, and it’s not like making jewelry. Whatcha do is, get a big piece of thick plywood, a long two-by-four, some one-by-ones, an eight inch pvc pipe as long as you want the tree to be tall, and a bunch of sisal rope to wrap around it.

    Or sundials? I don’t think too many people make sundials these days, plus you have to learn how to orient them properly so they can tell time right.

    Or making crossword puzzles, not too many people can do that.

    Ooooh, what about whittling chess pieces out of soap?

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    Model Railroading involves LOTS of “making things”…

    I’ve had to make (from scratch):

    2500 TREES
    240 Buildings (from kits and scratch)
    5 Industries (including a complete coal-power-plant from scratch)
    Mountains, roads, creeks, rivers, bridges, etc.

    GOOD LUCK and Happy Hobbies

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    Have you thought about chainmaille? It uses jump rings stitched together using the same patterns that have been around for hundreds of years. Yes, you can make jewelry, but it’s a basic skill you can adapt and make many other things. There are some kits at Make Something that make it easier to get started. Have fun on your hobby quest!

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    Knots are my hobby, with knots you can make many things, again including jewelry, but most of the work I make and admire is on the art side of art and crafts.

    As knot tyer I also meet many other craft and art kind of people, woodworkers, ship-in-bottle makers, people rebuilding old boats from coracles to Man of war’s, people building and decorating lamp-posts that are works of art but still work.

    The trick with internet is to search for the level you want to work. I made a website on which I explain from beginners level how to make the things I did, and as they are beginners level, many are also good for kids, I have more difficult work there, but you need to do the basics before you can do the top.
    That happens with more sites.
    But some are written for adults and do not cater for kids at all.
    I think you should search on till you find a site like that, but remember, if the craft is new to you, you will have to start with easy work. Not necessarily small scale, but basic techniques.


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