Blogs or “blogspeak”.is it influencing you and the way you think-vote?

marnefirstinfantry asked:

Many politicians are getting ready for the November 2006 elections. To say that there are thousands of people who offer blogs in their profile would be an understarement.

When normally, people who would not be heard after writing a letter to the editor or commentary to a newspaper/magazine as a freelance writer, suddenly, with the explosion of sites like yahoo answers, people are being heard via the blogs.

In the 1960′s, the ‘kookie’ talk shows like Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, etc., had guests that were entertaining and voiced political opinions. Those opinions were heard by millions of people and many have said began the turning point in the war in Viet Nam.

Is blogging on the Internet the new way for people to offer their opinions and vent their frustrations in the hopes of swaying public opinion to include the way the people vote.

Do you blog for fun, educate, inform, vent, politics, issue driven, opinion, influence, etc.?

Why do you blog?

Political Commentary

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2 thoughts on “Blogs or “blogspeak”.is it influencing you and the way you think-vote?


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