How do I hide my Facebook Display picture from certain friends ?


I don’t want my family members viewing my facebook display picture. How do I hide it from them?
I dont want my relatives to see my dp’s because my mom doesnt want me to show my face on fb..


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4 thoughts on “How do I hide my Facebook Display picture from certain friends ?

  1. Facebook

    Change the security settings.
    Also, if you want to block another picture, you could organize your friends into lists, giving some lists the power to view it, and not doing so for others.

  2. Facebook

    Ok you should go to the account button on the top right hand corner click on it then hit security when you hit that there should be many options you wanna click on profile picture then say hide from everyone just friends or you can choose. good luck!

  3. Facebook

    set your privacy settings..

    1. at the upper right-hand side of the’ll see the word ACCOUNT. Click it..
    2.then click privacy settings
    3. scroll down then click the one that says Customize settings (its printed on blue)
    4.on the bottom of the section that says Things I share, click Edit album privacy (its printed on blue)
    5. then click the button next to the pic that ur talking about.then click Customize..
    6. a message box will, type the names of you family members..

    btw, why do you want to hide ur pics from ur relatives, anyway?


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