Neighbor agreed to our home improvement but changed mind?

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California – Our neighbor agreed to our home addition (adding a single room). We showed them the plans and they signed the proper forms. Meanwhile our home addition has taken about a year to complete and is slowly going past the 1 year mark. Our neighbor has changed their mind and no longer wants us to finish the improvement despite our enormous expense so far. Can they stop us from finishing our house addition? The form they signed has expired. So far we have all the proper permits and have done everything by law. Our only concern is that we took longer than expected to finish due to weather & my job at work. Our association wants us to resubmit the proper forms (which includes getting approval from all our neighbors again, only one neighbor wants us to stop now). They say it is obstructing their sun exposure. Their house is not a view house and neither is ours and we are surrounded by a lot of trees which makes their request rather confusing. Is it possible they can somehow stop us forcing us to destroy all the work we did when we originally got their approval one year ago?
The city permit hasn’t expired, we have lots of time left on it. It’s the association that is currently the problem.

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2 thoughts on “Neighbor agreed to our home improvement but changed mind?

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    Yes the city can stop you: You did not comply with the time factor, and in some cases you would be asked to abolish what you’ve begun.
    You will have to go back to re-submit the proper forms, and you may want to bring a signed petition from your surrounding neighbors, Photos will also assist in litigating and determining the loss of sunlight in question. Only one neighbor is against; but if the city extends your permit there is not too much your neighbor can do besides filing a civil suit. Don’t forget the government usually likes to go by the law of the letter, but they also like to make money so if you were to re-submit all fees an forms you just might not have a problem. but be prepared; You will not be given another year, You may be given just another 3 or 6 months . If you get a more dedicated contractor to do the work,… you just may win this battle.

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    As long as that city permit is still valid—-I would continue.—If the association causes problems let them sue long as you are sticking with the original specs their should be no problem… they are crazy to even think about asking you to demolish the work done–and if they get pushy -hire an Attorney,,,I think your neighbor is pissy because your project has been unfinished for so long..


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