What are good home phone and internet providers for the Hosuton area?


I have Verizon for home phone and internet. I was thinking about switching to Vonage for home phone, and Earthlink for internet. Are these good choices? Are there better choice out there?

I am switching from Verizon because my phone is always static and my internet is out 50% of the time, I called them to have them come look at them and they said nothing was wrong, and charged me to come look when they did nothing!


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8 thoughts on “What are good home phone and internet providers for the Hosuton area?

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    Whatever you do, don’t use comcast. That is the absolute worst company to deal with. I have had numerous problems with the service, but that’s really not why I hate them. It is their customer service. If you decide to use them you better have a week to wait around at your house until it is working right. Email back if you want the full story. Thanks.

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    I agree that Comcast is horribly stupid in customer service, and their service goes out a lot. However, we use them because cable internet is more reliable overall than DSL.

    If you have TMobile and high speed Internet (do they make anything else?), then I would strongly suggest using the TMobile @ home (voice over IP) service. It’s $10 a month and really great. And TMobile has amazing customer service. However, setting it up with certain DSL services can be incredibly difficult.

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    We use Comcast for internet and cable. I have never had problems with customer service. They have always been very friendly and helpful. We have not had a home phone in 5 years prefer to use our cells.

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    Comcast is the absolute worst choice. I switched to AT&T Uverse for the high speed internet and strongly recommend them. I had looked at Vonage for phone, but we never got that far to try them out, so good luck. I have T-Moble for cell phone for the last 8 years, and have had no problems. Verizon was the worst I’ve had, besides Sprint.


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