What exactly can you do with Bluetooth Technology on a cell phone?

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I just ordered a new cell phone that is Bluetooth enabled, and it comes with the bluetooth headset. I have heard of it before, but don’t really understand what all can be done with it. (I am a little behind on the times, when it comes to technology! LOL) I googled it, but all of the websites have technological terms that I didn’t really understand. So give it to me straight: what is bluetooth and what can I do with it?


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6 thoughts on “What exactly can you do with Bluetooth Technology on a cell phone?

  1. Technology

    With the headset u can listen to music and take calls wirelessly so u dont have to hold the phone

    Its also fantastic for transfering music if your friend has a song u want just send it via bluetooth same goes with videos-its good if u havent got multimedia messaging set up (which alsos u to send files from phones with a message attached-this takes a very long time).
    ALso if u get a bluetooth stereo u can play music off ur phone out loud.
    And once i was walking past the movies and they send u free vouchers through bluetooth (if u have it switched on) for stuff like cheaper combo deals and stuff like that.

    Be happy Bluetooth is great!

  2. Technology

    I’m just learning about it myself. It basically allows you to connect your phone to other devices wirelessly. For example, you can use those little ear pieces with it to make hands free phone calls.

    I recently got a GPS, and I was able to hook my phone up with it using bluetooth. It allows me to use the GPS to make and receive phone calls. The GPS acts like a speaker with a microphone, so I can talk hands-free.

  3. Technology

    driving with your phone in your hand is illegal so a bluetooth headsat will stay on your ear while you drive or are being occupied with other things and you can talk to the person you called or who called you

  4. Technology

    Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows computers, phones and other devices to talk to each other over short distances (up to 100 meters). Bluetooth uses radio waves (in the 2.4 Gigahertz range), and is designed to be a secure and inexpensive way of connecting and exchanging information between devices without wires. In your case it is between your cellphones and bluetooth headset.

  5. Technology

    Bluetooth is basically a hands free way of talking on the phone. In my opinion, it is a lot less easier and safer than trying to hold the phone between your ear and shoulder!


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