What is the government doing to help or improve the financial crisis?

Maddie S asked:

I have to write a dialogue about a patriot and a loyalist having an argument and I have to base it on a current crisis or tragedy. So I picked the current financial crisis. Please tell me what the government is doing to help the financial crisis. Also write your opinions because that might help.


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9 thoughts on “What is the government doing to help or improve the financial crisis?

  1. Financial

    President Obama has prevented the 2nd Great Depression.
    [Leading economic indicators like new housing starts,
    factory orders and new mortgage activity prove it.]
    He is winning back America’s foreign friends that Bush alienated
    He is shutting down Guantanamo.
    He is ending torture, making sure the world knows it,
    and letting the Attorney General follow where it leads,
    and prosecute it when indicated.
    He is DOING HIS JOB.
    He even told GM & Chrysler to shape up or ship out
    all this in less than his first quarter!

    ALL of our presidents should be so awful.

  2. Financial

    Spend more money that we don’t have. That’s the only solution that this legislature and administration knows.

    Seldon thinks Obama has prevented a second depression.

  3. Financial

    nothing has been done, we are in a depression, and they sat by and watched. They bailed out all their buddies and friends, and put the American public on the hook. How do you think it will get paid for? He is pushing for America to be accepted in the global community, but don’t you think we dictate that? Look at the world market after our problems.

    Spend money we don’t have is the general idea….my 6 year old can tell you…not smart.

  4. Financial

    The Growing Government is Destroying America. The 10th Amendment will be the focal point of our country in a short time. This Amendment declares what powers the Federal government has and those not declared fall back to the states and/or the people. With Obama’s forced, mob style coercion tactics that he is trying to push on the states and the people – it just isn’t going to work. The taxpayers are too smart – the people of this country who really matter – the taxpayers – will not allow Obama to run wild over this country and destroy 200+ years of American history in the progress. o_O


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