What percent profit do real estate agents make selling a house?

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5%, 10%…? I want to become a real estate agent. I graduate in 2 years so i really need to figure out if i want to do this or not. I have heard that you cant make a living by just being a real estate agent. Can you? And how many years of schooling do you need?

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    After all is said and done, 1.5% of the sales price is about right after you account for commission splits and/or desk fees with your employing broker, and then factor in advertising costs, continuing education, fuel expenses/extra car maintenance, professional association/MLS membership, etc. For most agents, it’s not an especially lucrative field, but if you are proactive, personable, and willing to work hard, you can make a very good living. High performing and highly experienced agents might bring 2% home.

    Re: schooling…For a salesperson’s license, generally you only need a high school diploma or equivalent. (Some states don’t even require that.) The mandatory coursework can generally be completed over the course of a few months.


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