What’s the little things you do to be Au De Natural/Eco-Friendly?


See, since I wanted to be a little more eco, I thought I’d start planting more, well, plants. Ya know, flowers, trees, all those beautiful things ;]

So my question is, what are the little things YOU do to be a bit more eco friendly? I wanna know so that if it seems interesting enough, I’ll try it out too.

Eco Friendly

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3 thoughts on “What’s the little things you do to be Au De Natural/Eco-Friendly?

  1. Eco Friendly

    I was always taught to turn the lights out in rooms i’m not in. But let me tell ya. My electric bill is only $45 a month since I don’t have Air Conditioning, all of my appliances are energy star rated and I try not to use electricity just for the sake of using it. And $18 of that $45 is due to city charges. Its a crock when I’m energy efficient and conservation minded, yet nearly 1/2 my charge is for “reliability charges” and “customer charges”. Kind of makes me rethink the whole concept of being energy efficient or doing my part when the city or state is going to screw me on the bill anyways.

  2. Eco Friendly

    I throw garbage everywhere, especially clean natural places to make people angry and to motivate them to contact their government officials for harder punishment for people who harm the environment. I also use lots of power and drive a lot so the power usage statistics from my area look more shockingly high so the people and government want to change them more. Reverse psychology in the house!


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