When is the right time for the engagement party and bridal shower?

Lilly E asked:

My boyfriend and I are getting engaged this year but are not planning on being married for the newt three years because of educational logistics…what is the proper etiquette regarding the engagement party and the bridal shower? When can they be held in my case?
Newt? Haha *next* oops


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2 thoughts on “When is the right time for the engagement party and bridal shower?

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    You will want to hold your engagement party shortly after you are engaged to announce your engagement and to let people know of your intention to be married later. Your bridal shower is held shortly before you wedding, usually only a few months.

  2. Bridal

    The time between your engagement and your wedding doesn’t affect the proper times to have the engagement party and bridal shower.

    Engagement parties should be had within a month of becoming engaged. They’re used to announce the engagement and let the families get to know each other. Waiting a year+ after you’re already engaged defeats the purpose of the engagement party so it would be pointless to have one at that point.

    Bridal showers should be had anywhere from 1-3 months before the wedding.


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