Why do so many conservatives seem to think the mainstream media must follow their agenda for newsworthiness?


Again and again there are questions from conservatives that take this form:

“Why aren’t the mainstream media reporting on [whatever it is that I want them to pay attention to right now]?”

Where does the media’s obligation to report things the way you want them reported, or to assign priorities exactly as you do, come from?

I disagree with Fox News reporting priorities. So I tend not to watch. Is it really that difficult to exercise your right to push a button in your remote control device?


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15 thoughts on “Why do so many conservatives seem to think the mainstream media must follow their agenda for newsworthiness?

  1. Media

    The right has only asked that the mainstream media report the facts. Try again.

    Plus, it is not folks on the right that are constantly asking the government to shut them down because they do not agree with the opinion shows.

    Try grasping the facts.

  2. Media

    “He who controls the media controls the mind of the public” –Noam Chomsky

    …and i don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but Liberals pretty much own the media.

  3. Media

    Because you should wish for the media to report everything that is important, not be so bias.
    However, I only hear of libs wanting to censor the media, usually by demanding FOX be shut down.
    It is completely acceptable to criticize a media outlet, but it is not acceptable to censor any media outlet.
    See the difference?

  4. Media

    Ok I am sick of seeing Obamas mug on tv everyday OK???? I disagree with all your liberal media that does nothing but inflate obamas ego and all they do is pander to him… Obama could tell them to kiss his azz and they would say OK bend over… Your lib stations are the ones that feel they have to follow obamas agenda 24/7 and like I said I AM SICK OF IT!! ( I do change the channel *L*)

  5. Media

    The right has developed a persecution complex. This has been fostered by Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and other right-wing talk show hosts who sell the idea that conservatives have seen through the looking-glass and discovered information that somebody was trying to keep secret.

    That’s why they harp on supposedly “mainstream” media. Funny thing – Fox is the dominant news program in the US but conservatives conveniently ignore that fact. Apparently the mainstream media refers to every other station except Fox.

  6. Media

    Most don’t.

    Have fun with your favorite news source just let me do the same with mine.

    What I see are constant calls from liberals to shut down FOX and Conservative radio.

    What you see are generally responses to those calls.

  7. Media

    It would be nice if the media would report all news without a bias but that is simply not so and by media I mean the mainstream media and Fox. The only difference I see is that Fox is constantly under attack to be shut down for their bias by some members of the mainstream media and media organizations but the mainstream media only suffers grumbles of complaints from Fox and viewers. In the end they are private entities so they can report or NOT report whatever they want… it is up to the viewer to turn the channel.

  8. Media

    I don’t know about anyone else but I have been around a few years and I read a lot about history and politics and I have developed a pretty good idea what works and what doesn’t and whenever someone says something that doesn’t make sense, I tend to shut them off and liberals say a lot that doesn’t make sense than conservatives

  9. Media

    When a cable news network edits videos to NOT show a Black man carrying a gun at a rally as they (the TV station) are trying to label the group dangerous racist is misleading at best and really an intentional lie. This is just one of hundreds if not thousands of examples of the liberal mainstream media “changing” the story to fit their agenda, that and failing to report significant events/news because it may shine a bad light on liberals, is not in any way subjective and or worth watching. That is why I watch FOX more than any other network.


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