why have so many Americans stopped watching CNN?


They are preferring partisan news stations like fox and msnbc. I personally like msnbc for democratic point of views on issues, but I still watch CNN for general news and current events. I don’t see how fox could have higher viewership than CNN. Fox even looks cheap and bland. The graphics, the set and camera output just looks off also. your thoughts?

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25 thoughts on “why have so many Americans stopped watching CNN?

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    Many Americans have given up cable because they’re out of work and can no longer afford it, or because they fear losing their jobs. My family has all given up cable and opted for just local channels, which have most of the good programs anyway. That, plus Netflix gives us plenty of entertainment at a much better cost.

    Fox is given away free by Murdoch in basic cable packages. The other cable news stations cost extra. No level playing field = no fair comparison possible.


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    What do you mean stopped? They haven’t been watching CNN OR MSNBC for a long time now. Both of those have lousy ratings. People want to hear the truth, not some left wing tilt on everything.

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    It is about TRUTH and not spin! MSNBC CBS ABC are nothing but spinners trying to BE the news not report it–They tell us how morally wrong we are if we do not support their thinking—No wonder Fox has more viewers than MSNCB CNN HLN combined

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    I think that most people either like nonsense or drama and excitement in there news.

    Cnn was the last to pick up on that so by the time things really got moving with the “partisan” BS by the other 2 networks CNN was far behind

    I have to say we as Americans enjoy watching crap. my proof? remember when Jerry Springer had better ratings than Oprah?

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    Our culture has devolved into sorry state of gossip and and finger pointing. In addition, people have grown to accept reality based shows as entertainment. Therefore, confrontational pundits spouting off biased opinions has become a form of entertainment. And, since people prefer to be entertained rather than having to use their own brain to accept, process and opine real news, the Glen Becks of the world will continue to rule as they dumb down their audiences. Eventually, you’ll see CNN follow Fox and MSNBC into the mudhole for the sake of ratings.

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    I watch MS-NBC for their documentaries “Lock Up”, “To Catch a Predator”, etc. For news though forget it. I already get the funnies in my local paper. I don’t need to see it on TV.

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    I think that you have answered your own question. Our country has become polarized (and this polarization is by deliberate design. A unified middle class at the ballot box is a truly frightening thing to the limited numbers of wealthy elite) Many do not watch CNN because they prefer to have their own ideological beliefs reinforced. News has become infotainment ever since the removal of the fairness doctrine, and CNN is just too centrist for polarized Americans. Personally I prefer news WITHOUT political commentary,but, sadly the great newsman of this country disappeared after the eighties.

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    CNN during the 90′s was termed the “Clinton News Network”. It was nothing but admiration and lovefest for the guy even when Clinton was convicted for lying in a federal court. Even past the point where people were getting tired of looking at Bill Clinton and every major news channel talk about him endlessly.

    I don’t watch any news channel, because most can’t seem to stop acting as cheerleaders for the democratic party. There could a democratic senator that was convicted for killing someone and they will circle the wagons and protect the guy and downplay his crimes.


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